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DC1 /

Overalls - A cute pair of overalls in Frozen corduroy

 Price: $7.00 Each   SKU:DC1-450
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D106 /

Pinafore, Bonnet & Panties - Very sweet to dress up 18 inch doll, also available in other fabric

 Price: $10.00 Set   SKU:D106-50
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Dc107 /

Doll Housecoat - A cute doll housecoat in John Deere Pink for the baby doll

 Price: $9.00 Each   SKU:Dc107-558
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Dc108 /

Doll Clothes Set - A set of different doll clothes Two Nightie and diaper sets, Housecoat, Pinafore panties and Bonnet and Dress and Panties and an extra diaper

 Price: $40.00 Each   SKU:Dc108-560
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DC /

Doll Sleepers and Bootees - A cute outfit for20 inch baby doll

 Price: $10.00 Each   SKU:DC-631
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