Established in 1990, West Family Crafts have been dedicated to making high quality hand made gifts for our customers ever since. What first started as a quiet activity, eventually grew into Marion attending a couple of small local sales per year, and has now become a viable small business that includes internet sales as well as travelling to many large craft sales across the prairies.

In the early years, Marion’s family was quite involved with cutting, gluing, constructing display stands, and loading and unloading at sales. This is where the name West Family Crafts comes from. Now, as her family has grown and moved away, the work is mostly done by Marion herself. Although, her husband still helps with the woodwork and setting up displays at sales and her family can always be counted on to help out whenever possible.

Of all the things Marion does to get a product ready to sell, from cutting everything out to the final gluing and hand-stitching, sewing is her favourite part. Marion is her own critic, so if she’s not perfectly happy with the item she is working on, she will not sell it. She enjoys finding new and interesting things to make and sell, as well as working with all the exciting new fabrics and prints that are constantly coming onto the market. She also tries to make every item, even the bibs, unique, so that no two items are ever the same. One of the things Marion has learned over the years is that each person’s taste is unique and the very product she thinks will sell usually takes a couple of sales to sell. Marion really enjoys making doll clothes, “It is neat to see the reaction of the little children when they get to shop for their doll!”

Marion is busy throughout the year, but her busiest time is when the sales season starts, from September to December. During this time, it is not unusual for Marion and her husband to travel to sales two or three times a month. She enjoys showing in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon and various other small towns in the prairies.

Perhaps because of all the hard work and busy times, Marion enjoys her slow times. She especially enjoys spending time spoiling her many grandchildren, picking berries in her orchard, and visiting with friends and family.